The Entertainers Concert at St Simon’s

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who came to hear The Entertainers in concert on Oct 22nd.  The singers, as well as guest musicians, gave the audience a wonderfully eclectic performance!

Your support is greatly appreciated.  A huge “thank you” goes to Jack Smye and all of The Entertainers for sharing your gift of music with us.  Sincere thanks, as well, to all of the other performers for your time and talent.  It was a great event!


Drivers Needed for Church of the Incarnation Refugee Project!

UPDATE! Drivers are no longer needed to assist Church of the Incarnation!
While we await the arrival of our Newcomer family, we can assist others who have already received theirs. The Church of the Incarnation is working with Grace Lutheran and St. Aidan’s in sponsoring a Syrian refugee family. The family of four arrived in Canada June 6th. They are settling in very well and recently celebrated the birth of twin girls in July. Their new life here in Oakville is busy with 2 other children ages 2 and 3 who are now in full daycare. Mom speaks English at level 4 and is being privately tutored by a teacher from Incarnation two days per week.  Samer,  the father, was an electrician in Syria and is taking enhanced ESL (English as a second language) courses in Burlington five days per week to improve his English so that he can get recertified—he is eager to get back to work.
Here is where we can best help!  While waiting to hear about the family that we will sponsor, Incarnation is looking for drivers who can drive Samer (and his neighbour Anwar, also a tradesman and occasionally a third newcomer) to the Halton Multicultural Centre in Burlington (860 Harrington Court—south of the QEW and west of Walker’s Line). Lessons begin at 9:00 am (pick up at 8:20 am) and finish at 3 pm (noon on Fridays) and they would appreciate any help we can offer with this driving (no need to worry about car seats!)  


Lynne Jenkins at Incarnation is organising drivers and sets up a 2 week schedule in advance. She says (from personal experience) the men are polite, respectful and eager to practise their English to and from their lessons. Hopefully we can rally support and be ready to help the first week of October. If you are interested and able to help, please call or email as soon as possible. A police records check is necessary. If you already have one on file at either church office, or if you are in the process of getting one done, let me know. There is a possibility of remuneration for mileage through the Halton Multicultural Center if you wish to become a regular driver. The family lives in the Kerr St. area on Queen Mary Drive.  
If you can assist, please contact Janine Maxwell, Driver coordinator St. Simon’s/St. Jude’s Refugee to Newcomer Project 905-334-4338


If you wish to help, or plan to assist with our Refugee to Newcomer Project, you can get your Police Records check at Full information about our Refugee to Newcomer project is at our Blog:
A link to the Halton Police online record check application can also be found there.

CBC Cross Country Check Up- Syrian Refugees- Sunday, Sept 25th 4-6 pm

This Sunday, CBC’s “Cross Country Checkup” is focused on how Syrian Refugees are adapting to their new life in Canada. The call-in show, “Becoming Canadian” will be live from the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. The focus will be the question “Are we giving our newcomers enough support to build a new life?” More information is available at the link above if you wish to attend in person. The show will be live on CBC Radio 1, (99.1 Toronto) and across the Radio 1 network, as well as online or later via Podcast.

Although this show will focus on Syrian Refugees in particular, our Refuge family may come from any area of the world in need. The conversations on this show should be helpful as we plan to receive our Newcomers. Listen in!

The podcast will be posted here after the conclusion of the live show.

Click here to listen to the show podcast in its entirety!

Police Record Checks – How and Why

In order to volunteer to assist our sponsored family once they arrive, all volunteers for the Refugee to Newcomer Project must have, by law, a current Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) completed and submitted to Lara Drever at Please email Lara a scanned copy of your Police Records Check once you receive it. Lara will be keeping track and ensuring that all our volunteers have the appropriate PVSC in place.

Contact your local Police Department in order to get your PVSC done as soon as possible. The process can take up to 8 weeks.  You’ll need to provide 2 pieces of ID (only one requires a photo).

Residents of Halton may now apply for their PVSC online by visiting or by visiting Halton Police Services on Bronte Road, north of the QEW (1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario L6M 3L1).

There is a $25 fee for processing the PVSC in Halton and an additional $9.95 fee for online applications.

Residents of Peel (Mississauga and Brampton) can find information at the Peel Region Police website.

UPDATE- I completed the online PVSC application at and the process took about 20 minutes to register, fill in my personal info, authenticate and pay. Payment is by Visa or Interac and the total, with tax, is $36.24. This saves a trip to the Police Station and can be done in the privacy of your own home. The processing time for Volunteers is about 30 days. You can track the progress of your online application by logging back into the site.

UPDATE #2- If, after applying for a PVSC, you receive a request to be fingerprinted, you will need to book an appointment at Police Headquarters to do this. This is only required if your name, or date of birth matches or partially matches someone in the police database. There is an additional charge for the taking of these fingerprints, however, you can request a letter from St. Jude’s or St. Simon’s indicating that the PVSC is for a Volunteer position at the church. Bring the letter from the agency/employer confirming you will be in an unpaid position. This letter will waive the $25 fee.  The volunteer letter must be on Church letter head, contain your name, indicate the volunteer position applied for and be signed by an agency representative. This letter must be presented at the time you attend for fingerprints.

For more information, click here see visit the Halton Police website page that explains the procedure for fingerprinting.