Refugee to Newcomer Update! Exciting News!!!

The St. Simon’s and St. Jude’s Refugee to Newcomer Project Team has received some wonderful news from the Diocese! We have been matched with a Syrian family who are eager to make Canada their new home! The family of five consists of a mother and father, along with three children, ages 5-14. The Refugee to Newcomer Committee Teams will be ramping up their activities to prepare for the family’s arrival, which will be in approximately 1 to 3 months. Planning is ongoing and you can stay informed by reading, or, better yet, subscribing to the Refugee to Newcomer Blog (click Follow in the bottom right corner).  How can you help now? New volunteers will be needed. A reminder that those wishing to assist the family face to face require a current Police Vulnerable Sector Check. Information about how you can get your Police check is also available on the Blog by clicking here. Stay tuned for continuing updates!


Refugee To Newcomer Project Update! Good News!

The St Simon’s and St Jude’s Refugee to Newcomer Project team has been contacted by the Diocese with some good news! After a long wait, and much hard work and preparation, we’ve been advised that we are next on the list to be matched with a newcomer family!  The timing is still not known; it could be within a few weeks or months. Once the match is made, the Team will be completing the paperwork, making many decisions and preparing for the family’s arrival.


How can you help now? We will continue to fundraise to support our newcomer family. Donations can be made through your Church Office or online at or


Of critical importance will be the need for new volunteers to do committee work and to assist the family directly. Those who wish to assist the family face to face, in any capacity, must have, by law, a current Police Check (drivers, visitors, etc.). If you have a current Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) from your local Police department (no older than 3 years), you don’t need to reapply.


If you have not yet applied, you should do so right away, through Halton Police, as checks take 6-8 weeks, or in some cases, even longer. Details of the application process are on the Refugee to Newcomer Blog ( or at Halton Police (


If you need more information or would like to volunteer, please contact:
Cheryl Hudson  905-815-9722 or

Jennifer MacKenzie  905-827-7818

Police Checks – A Reminder!

Thanks to all Refugee to Newcomer volunteers who have already applied to Halton Police for their Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC). If you are planning to volunteer to assist our Refugee family, and have not already applied for your check, please do so.

You can apply at Halton Police Headquarters on Bronte Road, or online. Detailed instructions can be found at this Refugee to Newcomer Blog post from last Fall.

People applying online have reported that Police Checks have taken about 6 weeks to be received in the mail. However, in some instances, where applicants have names or birthdates that may match a name in the Police database, it can take up to 4 months to receive your VSC, as you may need to visit the Police Station to be finger printed.

Please make a point of applying as soon as possible.

The Entertainers Concert at St Simon’s

Thank you!

Many thanks to everyone who came to hear The Entertainers in concert on Oct 22nd.  The singers, as well as guest musicians, gave the audience a wonderfully eclectic performance!

Your support is greatly appreciated.  A huge “thank you” goes to Jack Smye and all of The Entertainers for sharing your gift of music with us.  Sincere thanks, as well, to all of the other performers for your time and talent.  It was a great event!